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How 3D displays can tip the scales of sales:

There is a million ways to sell your products and I am confident you are doing your due diligence in figuring out which strategy works best for you.

However, have you ever just seen someone else selling something and thought "How are they attracting so MANY customers!?"

You mimic their language, take all the steps to look the confident way you know that customers look for, but something is still missing.

That my dear entrepenuer, is where 3D displays come in.

They bring a Dynamic value to what you are selling, and help it become more established just by being on or around the display


"But the displays isn't be the focus!"

If a display is done right(as in it fits the brand of the shop AND the product), the emotional experience for the customer is intensified.


Stronger emotions create a stronger bond with what they are experiencing, at the moment in which they feel the emotion.

Simply put, Your product is strategically proven to retain in a customers memory easier when emotions are connected to it.


Storytelling, color, and design are the common ways businesses bridge the gap between emotions and their products.

This isn't new knowledge,

but I hope this has given you some insight on how you may be missing out on some potential customers JUST because it didn't immediately catch their attention.

We all know attention spans are getting smaller and smaller as the years pass and technology develops further.

Attract without Trying

One of the many upsides of having a consistent brand throughout your products, displays, and even what you wear is that it catches attention. Fast.


Not only by the other business owners who are starting to wonder how you are figuring it all out now,

but the customers that are shopping have a tendency to drop what they are doing for the sheer intrigue of what a uniquely focused 3D display could be for.

Customers base Quality on the things around the product you want to sell.

If you want to make a change in your business for the better and stop the cycle of throwing money and time at something that isn't working, you have to change other peoples perception of value in what you offer.

(In case you didn't know, your offer is NOT your product. It is the pain that you solve by having the solution that fixes it.)

The easiest and most efficient ways to add value to what you offer are:

1. Improve your perception

2. Improve your delivery

3. Improve your product

I would recommend you fix them in this order as most people over-refine their products. If any part of the process gets confusing, we would be happy to help you in each step!

If you are looking for a way to create custom 3D displays, Summit Laser Co. has the experience and equipment to handle your needs. We are proud to have delivered over 10,000 products for businesses and hobbyists just like you in over 13 countries! Whether you need a small custom display or a massive themed room, we can handle it with ease and efficiency. We offer competitive pricing, quick turnaround time, and high-quality results.

Contact us today and let us help you take your business to the next level with Summit Laser Co!

Edward Schmalz Review for Summit Laser Co

Matthew delivers detailed, quality work! He knows how to make true magic happen!

Edward Schmalz - Owner of Reroll Tavern, Apparition, Vignettes and The Wyld Bar

Our Easy 3 Step Process

STEP 1 - Design & Refine

We will help you find/design your display or product, and send you a proof of concept design to approve. If there are any changes, you will receive an updated proof before moving on.


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STEP 2 - Burn & Turn

Once the artwork has been approved and order has been paid, we will order the materials and get to work.

Production turn around times vary based on the order's requirements.


STEP 3 - Receive & Achieve

Within 7-10 business days, your order will be on it's way to you. We always deliver local bulk orders* for free.

*bulk orders have a minimum quantity and have discounts for higher amounts.

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Portfolio/Previous Work
Burger Neon Sign
Prop Demogorgon for a Stranger Things Pop Up Event
Merlin Trial
Apparition Coffin
Dog Memorial Plaque for a Sheltie
Cryptic Seal Neon
Inside of cat house
Pet Food House
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STEP 1 - Design & Refine

Lee's Summit, MO, USA


We will contact you as soon as we can!

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