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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is your turn around rate on larger orders?

Unfortunately due to the varying materials and processes used, we cannot precisely verify the speed. On average, mot customers see their order shipped out within 2 weeks.

What Industry do you serve?

What we offer is ideal for automotive, medical, and manufacturing industries as well as boutiques, concert merchandise, school spirit wear, sports team merchandise, bars, vineyards, etc. The artistic or aesthetic applications are limitless.

How does Laser Engraving work?

Laser engraving is a non-contact process that uses a focused laser beam to vaporize the surface of a material and create a permanent mark. The laser beam is controlled by a computer program that determines the path, power, and speed of the laser.  With it, we can mark a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, and more. You can engrave your logo, name, slogan, or any other message with precision and accuracy. 

Can you engrave something I provide you?

There are some chemicals and finishes that can create poisonous gas in our lasers, so we must know what the material and what type of finish it is. If you are unsure, contact a team member and ask!

Do you have Hours of Operation?

Our Hours of Operation are as follows:

Mon   9am-5pm

Tue     9am-5pm

Wed   9am-5pm

Thu    9am-5pm

Fri      9am-5pm

Saturdays and Sundays we are closed.

We are closed on all Major U.S. Holidays.

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